Blu’s Rainbow

Blu’s Rainbow is a hope and healing community dedicated to the advancement of maternal mental health.

At Blu’s Rainbow, we strive to give you a voice, and empower you to advocate for your perinatal needs, by working with your mental health professionals to ensure early detection and treatment of anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues before they negatively impact mother, baby, and family.

Intake With First Session

(90 minutes)

Individual Therapy

(50 minute session)

Couples & Family Therapy (up to 4 people)

(90 minute session)

Group Therapy

(60-90 minutes)
(fee determined based on specific group)


Perinatal Mental Health
As founder of Blu’s Rainbow, a perinatal mental health practice, Dr. Motley’s mission is for women and families to feel seen, heard and supported throughout their perinatal journey. As a licensed clinical psychologist and certified perinatal mental health professional who has experienced pregnancy loss and challenges during pregnancy, she can treat perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, but most importantly, she can connect to clients on a personal, human level, which makes a significant difference in their healing experience.

She treats women and families during pregnancy, following delivery, or in the unfortunate loss of pregnancy. She will collaborate with other treatment providers to ensure comprehensive care.


Dr. Motley likes to refer to a popular quote about anxiety: “We are not worried by real problems so much as by our imagined anxieties about real problems.” She treats clients who struggle with generalized anxiety, panic, social anxiety and fear-based stagnation. Treatment involves challenging and examining faulty thoughts that lead to problematic behavior patterns with the goal of replacing these thoughts with more realistic, alternative thoughts that lead to behavior change.


Dr. Motley provides therapy for people who have major depressive disorders, feelings of hopelessness and helplessness and dysthymia. She provides a safe, nurturing environment that instills hope and motivates clients to want to change. She emphasizes clients giving themselves “grace” as they are doing the best they can until they know and can do better.

Dr. Motley treats individuals who need grief therapy because of loss of pregnancy, family members or friends. She combines grief stage work with cognitive behavioral techniques and empathy, allowing the client to move throughout the grief journey at their pace.
Life Transitions
Sometimes life transitions — expected and unexpected — can be difficult to navigate alone. Dr. Motley works with individuals transitioning to different stages in life, careers, marriage, divorce, college and relationship challenges after separation.
Couples/Family Therapy

Dr. Motley works with couples and families who have challenges navigating disruptions in the family unit. She works with families around healthy boundaries, effective communication, divorce, separation, trust issues, parent/child difficulties and transitions following a change in family structure.

Payment Options

Dr. Motley accepts cash, credit card, check and FSA/HSA

For insurance providers, she is considered “out-of network” and will provide you with necessary paperwork and a diagnosis in order for you to receive insurance reimbursement for her services. She can provide necessary paperwork for your HSA use or tax itemization.

Please call 636-344-6766 for more information or to schedule a FREE 15-minute consultation.