Because Maternal Health
is Sacred.

Offering comprehensive perinatal and general mental health services to individuals and families.

Our Mission

At Blu’s Rainbow our mission is to create a safe, nurturing space where individuals and families feel seen, heard, and supported throughout their pregnancy journey. We empower them to know and own that their maternal health is sacred.

Did You Know?

Untreated maternal depression can have a DEVASTATING effect on women, their infants, and their families. Receiving mental health screening and treatment during pregnancy and after delivery may reduce this effect drastically, resulting in healthier baby, mom, and family.

This is the driving mission behind Blu’s Rainbow.

Our Services

Blu’s Rainbow is a hope and healing community dedicated to the advancement of maternal mental health.

At Blu’s Rainbow, we strive to empower you to advocate for your perinatal needs, by working with your mental health professionals to ensure early detection and treatment of anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues before they negatively impact mother, baby, and family.

First Session With Intake

(90 minutes)

Individuals, Couples & Family Therapy

(50-90 minutes)

Group Therapy

(60-90 minutes)

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About Dr. Charie A. Motley

Dr. Motley is  a mother, licensed clinical psychologist, and certified perinatal mental health professional who has experienced pregnancy loss, and challenges during pregnancies. She has the expertise to treat perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, but most importantly, she is able to connect to women and families on a more human, “I get it” kind of level, which makes all the difference.

Dr. Motley’s mission is to advance maternal mental health by providing individual and group therapy programs specifically designed for women and families throughout the perinatal period, or in the unfortunate loss of pregnancy. She strives to normalize women and families receiving mental health services during pregnancy and postpartum, emphasizing that mental health treatment is just as important as medical treatment.